Real estate market slows down in 1st quarter of 2023

The real estate market in 2023 is facing an imbalance between the number of buyers and sellers.

The real estate market is a tough one to predict, as it tends to flourish or suffer at the most random times. When the economy slows down, so does the real estate market. Every year, there are new trends and data that can help you make an informed decision about your next home purchase or sale. With that being said, let’s take a look at the current state of the real estate market in 2023.

The market favors buyers at the moment.

The real estate market in 2023 is facing an imbalance between the number of buyers and sellers. According to recent reports, there are significantly fewer buyers than there are sellers, resulting in a surplus of properties on the market. This dynamic is expected to favor home buyers because even though prices are high, sellers still need to make sales.

As a result, buyers no longer have to be in extensive competition to get the house that they want and can potentially negotiate lower prices. It is now the seller’s job to really entice the buyer because options are limited. According to data from Redfin, sellers are doing exactly that — offering concessions to buyers. Concessions are closing costs that the seller agrees to pay in order to help the buyer, such as money that would have gone to repairs. “Buyers are asking sellers for things that were unheard of during the past few years.

According to a real estate agent in Phoenix, buyers feel more empowered now, due to the fact that their offer is frequently the only one on the table and also because they are aware that sellers have accumulated a significant amount of equity during the pandemic. Sellers have had to offer lower than their listed pricing, so this definitely shows that the market currently favors buyers.

Changes in the market depend on where you live

The real estate market for 2023 varies greatly based on location. Areas with higher population growth and a strong local economy will likely experience a favorable market, while areas with higher unemployment rates and stagnant economies may not fare as well. For example, cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix will see price drops.

On the other hand, Chicago and Pittsburgh’s prices will continue to increase. It is important to research local markets in order to make an informed decision when purchasing or selling property.

What about interest rates?

As the real estate market continues to evolve in 2023, one key factor to consider is the changing landscape of interest rates. Low-interest rates make it a good time to buy a house for less money than before. It's crucial to bear in mind that these rates are subject to quick changes, hence it's advantageous to stay updated on any potential rate fluctuations.

Real estate attorney Heather James says “If you find a house you like and can afford, my advice is to purchase it despite high interest rates. Remember that rates are always changing, but the purchase price is fixed.” When interest rates decline in years to come, there’s a possibility that you can refinance. As always, consulting with an experienced real estate agent can provide invaluable insight when making any decisions regarding the purchase of a home.

Where home prices and availability are heading

The real estate market is projected to be a tight one, with increasing home prices and a limited number of available homes. Experts are predicting that the current tight market will continue, with higher prices as a result of increased demand and limited inventory. This could make it difficult for prospective homebuyers to find an affordable home in the coming years. Although, things could go either way and it truly depends on who you ask.

The National Association of Realtors believes that prices won’t move at all, while Redfin predicts the prices will fall by 4% in 2023. However, there are still opportunities available to those who are prepared to do their research and be persistent in their search.

When is the right time to buy in 2023?

With all of this information in mind, people may still be wondering when they should look to purchase a home. Being that the market currently favors buyers, the best time is now. As the market attempts to re-normalize, more buyers and sellers will appear, which means it will become competitive again. Usually, inventory rises in February and continues to do so during the summer. Prices often peak in May or June, so keep that in mind.

When is the right time to sell in 2023?

While assessing the real estate market, many people may be wondering when the right time to sell their property will be. According to experts, the right time to sell depends on the individual goals and needs of the seller. Those who are looking for a quick sale should consider taking advantage of current market conditions while they last. On the other hand, those with a longer-term outlook should consider waiting until the summer and seeing what changes occur. With careful planning and research, anyone can find the optimal time to sell in the real estate market.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that will impact the real estate market in 2023. It is important for home buyers and sellers to stay up-to-date with these changes so that they can make informed decisions about their next move.

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